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Jon Neal On How Having a Tax Strategy Wins Out

As I’m writing this, chances are good that we are headed towards yet another federal government shutdown of some sort, due to Congressional disagreement over a host of different funding and tax related items. (Forbes just bumped the probability from 67% to 75%.) And if doesn’t happen October 1, it may be happening in December. […]

Jon Neal Shares On Family Life on a Single Income

Last week I wrote about preparing for financial chaos, and gave you some step-by-steps for what your priorities should be right now. Got a bunch of wonderful feedback, so THANK YOU for taking the time to do that. I see every email that comes my way, and I love getting responses to what I put […]

Neal’s 6-Step Plan For Preparing For A Financial Emergency

Here at Team Jon Neal, we are working hard through a pile of returns for our Milwaukee tax clients, both from extensions and for corporate filings (due tomorrow, 9/15, as I sit down to write this on Monday morning!) — but that doesn’t mean I won’t carve out the time to write a blogpost for […]

Jon Neal’s 11 To-Dos For Your ‘Financial Health’ Day

I’ve become increasingly aware that although I share with you strategies, tips and whatnot every week — it can be difficult to actually act on them, in the evenings for example, when the demands of family and the need for down-time pull at you. That’s ESPECIALLY true as we ramp up on the cusp of […]