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Jon Neal’s 5 Keys to Great Financial Communication in a Marriage

Before I get to the love stuff, we’re continuing to (loosely) track the saga of fraud detected from within the user base of TurboTax. Again, charity (and/or my lawyer) requires that I emphasize that the makers of the tax software seem to have done everything they possibly could to ameliorate the problem and respond well. […]

A Tax Pro’s Valentine

The tax world was roiling late last week over some fraud detected from within TurboTax. Here is the story: Essentially, the makers of the software detected a level of fraud occurring in state tax return submissions that made them decide to completely shut down submission of those returns for a period of time. Eventually, […]

Jon Neal Suggests You Don’t Just Pass Along Money …

We’re knee-deep in tax forms and legal documentation this week (with a nice little dash of healthcare forms thrown in, new for this year). Our families miss us (though apparently, according to the commercial last night, all will be forgiven if I purchase my child a Nissan Maxima), and we’re still in the first quarter […]

Jon Neal Discusses When Our Tax Policy Affects Families

For us here at The Neal Group, LLC … well, things are heating up. Tax documents are trickling out (organizations have until Monday, Feb. 2 to send everything your way), electronic filing of returns became possible last week (we’ve already filed more than a few!) … and our phone has begun to ring with regularity […]