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Jon Neal Reveals The Billionaire’s 4 Keys to Success

Well, after the midterm election results have settled for a while, I promised I would pipe in with my thoughts about what this means for tax policy moving forward. Here they are: … Yes, you read that right. Despite what may seem like a fundamental shift in the makeup of Congress (the Republicans taking over […]

Jon Neal’s 6 Steps to Estate Planning Done Right

This is mid-term elections week, and as is my practice, I’m putting this post together on Monday morning, so we don’t yet know the results. I’m sure I’ll have a comment or two once the dust settles from that, though. Regardless of the make-up of Congress, however, what *is* probable is that the legislators will […]

Jon Neal Discloses The Starting Point For Tax Planning

Last week, I wrote to you that we would be giving some attention to “tax planning”. If you’re not entirely familiar with the term, it’s the process by which you make moves NOW (before year-end) that can pay off in significant savings by the time we actually fill out your tax returns for you in […]

Jon Neal Takes On Confronting The Lies

If there’s anything we can all agree on during this internet and information-saturated age it’s that people LOVE to point out others’ failings. Truly, there are entire businesses/websites devoted to the practice … and I’m pretty sure they pull in a healthy profit. But one thing is also true: we aren’t very good at applying […]